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Baby P: Like Diana’s Death, I Was There

by | 23rd, November 2008

TO the Sun the story of Baby P is being told in numbers and gestures.

The big news is that 700,000 people have signed its cut-out-and-send petition that calls for members of Haringey social service and medical staff to be sacked.

At the cemetery where Baby P’s ashes are scattered, the Sun has erected a plaque to “BABY P”. It’s a land grab for readers’ hearts and minds.

The problem is that Baby P was not his name. His name has not been made public. But it will be. And when it is he will become ever more real. But in the cemetery he will just be Baby P, offered no rest even in death from the crime that marked his brutally short life. Thanks to the Sun.

One mum leaving a toy at the “shrine” tells the paper: “My son’s too young to understand. When he’s older I’ll tell him that we came here and left a toy.”

Well, he’ll be upset at missing out on the Princess Diana big emote so and this might go some way to repairing the damage.

Because in the Sun, the death of a child is an “I was there” moment.

A child is dead. It’s just so very sad…

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