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Jon Gaunt On How the BNP Went Mainstream

by | 21st, November 2008

JON Gaunt is suspended from Talk Radio for calling a health worker a “Nazi”.

He now muses in his Sun column: “… does anyone really care who is a member of the BNP?”

Yes, some people do, specifically BNP recruiters and former party members. Knowing who is on the list, and who is not, might prevent hectoring oafs from wrongly branding people Nazis.

Says Gaunt: “Like an irritating boss of spoiled child, they are best ignored.”

But Gaunt decides against following his own advice and goes on to talk about the “foul and irrelevant” BNP at length.

“As we face recession they are trying – like all fascists – to blame all our woes on anyone who doesn’t look like them.”

So how do we beat them, Gaunt?

“Let’s defeat them by debate and by our mainstream parties dealing with the real issues that really matter to us all.”

So name calling. Stick to the issues that worry ius all. Issues like..?

“That’s immigration, law and order…”

In that order, Gaunty?

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