Anorak News | I’m A Celebrity: Mallett Snookered By McLean

I’m A Celebrity: Mallett Snookered By McLean

by | 25th, November 2008

TIMMY Mallett has been “HAMMERED” by his wife (Sun) and then “Bashed” (Star) by Nicola and Carly.

First up to have a go at Mallett is Mrs Lynda Mallet, who says of her man in the day-glo shorts, “He’s an annoying git.”

And it’s hard not to like him for it as Timmy laughs long and too loud at Robert Kilroy-Silk, a man who if he was half as fascinating to others as he is to himself would be stood in a glass box at the British Museum.

Next to have a go at Mallett, is inflated Division 2 Wag Nicola whose job it is to be very touchy about everything. The Star says Nicola tried to knock Mallett out, possibly by turning around too quickly.

The paper says that McLean “had to be pulled off” Mallett. Says Nicola: “I’m not busting my balls to feed two people that really rile me.”

Nicola’s balls are notably round and there is very real possibility that’s she will become the first celebrity to be snookered behind her chest.

Meanwhile, Anorak wonders why Martina Navratilova, the only genuine star in the Blue Peter Garden, is there? And at what point she will toss the humourless McLean in the air and smash he into the Bush…

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