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Bush Wacking: Andrew Sullivan Forgets The Democrats As He Bashes The Bush

by | 26th, November 2008

HOW many of all the bad things can be blamed on George Bush? Andrew Sullivan talks about the money but forgets the Democrats:

“The debt was so reckless and so immense that it now threatens to destroy the entire financial system. That’s what electing George W Bush twice has done for us. But then we are told that this threat requires us to do even more of the borrowing and spending before we can begin to get ourselves back in balance again. The unchallenged doctrine of the day is that: doing nothing would provoke a worse collapse than necessary and so we have to make our fiscal situation much worse now in order to make it much better later. Why am I not convinced?”

As Johnathan Pearce says:

Well, Sullivan is obviously right that the way to solve our debt addiction is not to go on the equivalent of yet another binge in the hope of relieving the hangover. Although his glib remark that re-electing Bush twice has added to the debt addiction does rather ignore, for example, the role of the Democrats, for example, in opposing Bush’s attempts to constrain the US federal home mortgage agencies, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The wonder is how long Obama’s supproters will blame things on Bush for?

Andrew Bolt hears Tobias Wolff “is the authentic voice of the Left – a tribalist who accepts no personal responsibility for his sheer nastiness”:

When I see someone being rude to a waiter, or blocking the road in a Ford Expedition, or yakking loudly on a cell phone in a crowded elevator, I naturally assume they voted for George W. Bush. And – this is really mean, I know, really unfair and unreasonable and inhumane, and I scold myself for this, believe me, but – when a tornado tears off a few roofs in Texas, I think, serves you right! And I have friends in Texas. That’s some of what the last seven years have done to this writer.

What else can Bush be blamed for?

As the transition progresses and Barack Obama’s inauguration draws closer, it’s a good moment to mull the gifts George W. Bush has left for the incoming president. Bush has made the world a better place, and if Obama wants to do the same, he will take the good things Bush has done and move forward with them.

Well, Barbara Bush has had surgery for an ulcer.

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