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Baby P: Too Late For Ed Balls But Gordon Brown Can Still Save Him

by | 27th, November 2008
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HAVING made a land grab for his ashes, can the Sun take credit for the imminent dismissal of those Haringey social workers who failed Baby P?

Of course it can. And it’s a safe bet that Gordon Brown will not miss the opportunity to thank the Sun for its vigilante campaign, and thank those voters, sorry readers who signed the petition online and in the paper.

As Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel puts it:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…”

The Sun says Children’s Secretary swivel-eyed Ed Balls “WILL take action”. Says Balls:

“I’m very annoyed…”

He goes on:

“It would have been easy for me to jump to conclusions [and sign the Sun’s petition] but in my job that would have been the wrong thing to do. I have sent in inspectors to see what exactly what happened.”

This independent report will be given to him on Monday.

Good old Balls, he’s not one for emoting. He’s a professional:

“I have to separate the emotion I feel as a father from my job as Secretary of State.”

As ever, any public figure who wants to empathise with the great unwashed parades his kids before them. “See,” says Balls, “I have children. I’m like you. If it wasn’t for my job I’d be at Baby P’s plaque sobbing and making my child hand over a stuffed toy.”

But he has to work. As does his wife Yvette Cooper. So who loosk after his three children – Meriel Eliza (Ellie, born July 1999), Joel Thomas (Joe, born August 2001) and Maddy (born 2004)? Yeah, Maddy. Ed understands your pain better than anyone.

So here’s Ed writing for the Sun, as a dad.

“Nothing I can do next week can being back Baby P or take away the suffering he endured.”

What about Gordon Brown..? Can he save Baby P..? Please…


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