Anorak News | Daily Mirror Backs Conservative’s Slug Eating Campaign

Daily Mirror Backs Conservative’s Slug Eating Campaign

by | 27th, November 2008

BRIAN Reade, writing in the Mirror, says he “loves it when a Nice-But-Dim Tory reveals himself to be the kind of animal we always knew he was. One with the heart of a wolf and the brain of a slug.

“Take health spokesman Andrew Lansley who believes recession can be good for people because they will eat less.”

Reads muses: “If only the Tories had been around in 1845 when the Irish potato famine started…”

Granted the Tory Party had renamed itself as the Conservative Party by then, but the term “Tory” was still used in reference to them, just as it is now.

Reade is guilty of having his cake and eating it. But what about this ludicrous, crass and offensive point that spending less on food, and watching what you eat, can lead to a healthier you?

The Mirror reports:

Diet tip: Mid-meal breaks

Have a mid-meal break. Even if it’s healthy food, eating too much can mean weight gain.

Britain’s obesity timebomb: Will you change your ways?

Fern Britton and Phil Vickery: Fern and I cook up cheap meals all the time now

To kick off our exclusive three-day series on how to cook good grub on the cheap, TV chef and Mr Fern Britton, Phil Vickery, shares his secrets for feeding a family on just £5 a day…

In fact, if there can be a good side to a recession, it’s that people will start to look closely at what they spend… We need to learn the art of thrift again. There’s something really satisfying about it and you can get quite creative.

Credit crunch takeaways you can make yourself

It’s cold outside, money’s tight and we’re all staying in at night. But ditch the takeaway and save cash and calories on that Indian, Chinese, pizza or fish and chips treat without picking up the phone.

Mariah Carey on love, her body and how she maintains her superstar image

Singer Mariah Carey shares her secrets on looking gorgeous, and tells how she’s managed to lose a stone following a strict exercise regime and a low-fat diet – plus the occasional treat

“Her favourite thing for lunch and dinner is this plain vegetable soup. It’s very bland – no cream. Cream is the tastebuds’ friend but the body’s enemy!

Feel better than ever for less than £1

Baking recipes from TV cook Rachel Allan

“With the credit crunch, people are getting back to basics,” says the mum-of-two. “Baking is a relatively inexpensive thing to do – plus people think you’re a genius!”

Albeit a genius with the mind of a slug…

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