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The Waterproof Guide To Scuba Sex

by | 27th, November 2008

SCUBA diving sex. A how and when guide:

COUPLES often write into his column, asking for advice about how to have sex while scuba diving. Basically, although popular, scuba sex is not recommended. Potential problems include the inhalation of water droplets in horizontal positions (which can lead to chocking), keeping cumbersome equipment in the vertical position, losing buoyancy control when excited, and being unaware of the increased oxygen consumption required.

Stage 2:

If you do wish to have scuba sex, then equipment should always be kept to a minimum. A full wetsuit is not practical, particularly if the zip is on the back. Balance is critical, as trying to grab hold of rocks or coral during sex can cause injury to the diver, and can damage delicate coral reefs. Stinging organisms, spiky sea urchins, stone fish, and scorpion fish are to be particularly avoided. Finally make sure your partner knows the difference between your signs of distress and your signs of excitement. Thrashing about with your arms and legs could be an ambivalent signal. So if you feel you are in danger, we recommend a punch to your partner’s groin. That signal will not be mistaken – British Journal of Sexual Medicine 2008, vol. 31

No underwear required…

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