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A Father’s Pop-Pee For Baby P

by | 28th, November 2008

ANYONE not shocked and sickened by the death of Baby P, and who may be having trouble being shocked and sickened by the torture of a small child, can look through any number of newspaper articles to learn how shocked and sickened columnists are.

They can then study shocking and sickening virtual reality images of the shocking and sickening injuries inflicted on the child.

Those who are shocked and sickened should tell their children all about it, leaving out the bit about the torture and the death, lest the kids have nightmares, telling them instead that Baby P was cremated and his remains scattered in a cemetery in his sleep.

Caring parents may choose to turn the tragic event into a family day out with soft toys, stories and a chance to appear in the national press stood alongside the Sun’s plaque that bears the touching inscription:

BABY P – For all your Baby P pictures, social worker baiting and topless footy scores go to

As a father, like Ed Balls and Gordon Brown, Old Mr Anorak is uniquely placed to understand the pain, more so than non-fathers and certainly non-mothers, and urges supermarkets to removes baby peas from their shelves lest history repeats itself.

All next week Anorak will be wearing a flower for Baby P.

The Pop-Pee is available to all readers, although not to social workers who are the scum of the earth and should be taken from this place and shot through the throat…

Exclusive to the Sun, with

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