Anorak News | Mumbai’s British Terrorists Engage In Citizen Journalism

Mumbai’s British Terrorists Engage In Citizen Journalism

by | 29th, November 2008

“ARE they British?” asks the Telegraph, lens focused on an image of two on the men behind the Mumbai massacre?

“Gang used Blackberrys to monitor reaction in the British press.”

One wonders what press reaction the murderous expect? Are we to hear from their spokesman saying that the Daily Express has always been dead set against them and that the Sun’s Page 3 “News in Briefs” is Islamophobic?

“How can the Daily Mail lead with news of Damian Green?” asks an incredulous mass murderer. “What the f*** is the world coming to?”

Technology helps the terrorists keep up with the story, and best identify their kill. If only the Telegraph did the same. While it wonders, its rivals know:

TWO GUNMAN FROM BRADFORD,” announces the Sun on its front page.

BUTCHERS Of MUMBAI ARE BRITS,” says the Express.

MUMBAI KILLERS ARE BRITS,” confirms the Star.


But the scoop is with the Mirror which tots up the bodies and says: “7 MUMBAI TERRORISTS ARE BRITISH – They come from Leeds, Bradford and Hartlepool.”

The Mirror knows. Get this insight from its “terrorism expert”:

Mumbai terror: Kevin Toolis on why attacks in India are a worrying step up

It takes an expert to realise that strafing a crowd with bullets and grenades killing and maiming hundreds is “worrying”.

News that seven British murderers come from Indian sources who say that two British-born Pakistanis are under arrest and another five suspects were born and raised here.

But these facts are unconfirmed. All we know is that one terrorist has stood before the Beak and told how he was trained in Pakistan and given the brief to kill as many people as possible.

For more information, ask the terrorists…

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