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Wind Turbines Promote Global Cooling

by | 3rd, December 2008

WITH global warming now at an end, the world is faced with global cooling and its many dangers.

In King’s Dyke, Whittlesey, two-feet long lumps of ice are cascading from the skies. The root of the plague is humanity’s use of fuels, chiefly an 80 metre high wind turbine, the nightmare machine.

Says resident Peter Randall:

“Somebody is going to get killed. There was [sic] huge lumps of ice shooting off and landing everywhere. No one wants to leave the house because they are frightened and worried about the ice falling. My son’s partner is pregnant and she is now worried sick about her unborn baby.”

What is this child but human kind’s future? We are all of us worried.

Says Maria Clark, who owns King’s Dyke Karpets:

“It has been really frightening, the turbine has been stopping and starting all morning. The ice makes such a loud noise when it shatters we thought a bomb had gone off in the yard. It scared a customer away. They were in the shop when it landed and said they did not want to risk their car and ran out.”

That’s credit crunch ice being crushed underfoot.

MP for Cambridgeshire North East Malcolm Moss says:

“I had no idea this turbine was going up, it came out of the blue really and I am surprised they put one so close to homes and businesses.

“I assume that a risk assessment was put with the planning application, but if it was not then a full inquiry should be undertaken.”

Assume nothing. Global cooling will do for us all. Switch on the central heating and save the planet. And set fire to the turbines!

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