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Minnesotan Somalians Rest In Pieces

by | 7th, December 2008

MINNESOTA Somalians: Rest In Pieces:

Mark Steyn reprots on a disassembled departee:

A Minnesotan suicide bomber (now there’s a phrase) originally from Somalia returned to the old country and blew up himself and 29 other people last October. His family prevailed upon your government to have his parts (or as many of them as could be sifted from the debris) returned to the United States at taxpayer expense and buried in Burnsville Cemetery. Well, hey, in the current climate, what’s the big deal about a federal bailout of jihad operational expenses? If that’s not “too big to fail,” what is?

If you dry him out, he won’t weigh much and can travel in economy class, in someone’s pocket or a 25cl bottle. Have a heart.

“I look at him seriously as a victim and not as a criminal, I think of him as a young victim,” says community activist Omar Jamal.

Says Minnesotan mosque representative Mahir Sherif :

“The whole issue raises some interesting questions,” he said, noting that the number of men rumored to have left to fight has dropped from 45 to possibly fewer than 10.

“Let’s say they went in answer to a call to stop aggression. Or maybe they just left to protect their grandmother.”

Which reminds us of a poem:

If I should die, god willing, think only this of me:

That there’s some corner of a foreign market, shopping precinct, checkpoint, mall, cafe, hotel, hotel, farm building…

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