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Suicide Watch: Craig Ewart Is Not The Bridgend Of The World

by | 10th, December 2008

CRAIG Ewart is being filmed dying at the Swiss clinic Dignitas.

His death will be broadcast on Sky Real Lives programme Right to Die?, Mr Ewert drinks a fatal dose of barbiturates, as prescribed by a local doctor.

His reasons:

“If I go through with it I die, as I must at some point. If I don’t go through with it, my choice is essentially to suffer and to inflict suffering on my family and then die. Possibly in a way that is considerably more stressful and painful than this way.”


Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s news Leviathan, which also owns the Sun, where suicide is will treated with not a bit of sensation. Readers may remember Bridgend, a place the Sun was keen to label Suicide Town.

While Switzerland, with its strong sense of civic pride, gnomes and fascism is a place that actively encourages suicidal thoughts, Bridgend is something else.

But, still, it was a good story:

* 19th Bridgend suicide shock

* Bridgend death linked to mate’s

* Bridgend young mum hanged

* Cops probe suicide No23 in Bridgend

* Song for Bridgend

[X Factor] SHOW hopefuls include Alexandra Davies, 16, from Bridgend, South Wales — the town hit by a string of teenage suicides. Alex tells the judges she wants to win “to be that good bit of news we need”.

* Holiday fall lad from Bridgend

* Where death stalks the young

* High school lessons in death

A SCHOOL near tragic town Bridgend got pupils to plan their funerals, it was revealed yesterday.
Kids as young as 12 had to choose the music and mourners’ clothes as part of a religious lesson.

* Welsh school’s suicide lessons

* A CORONER called for tighter controls on suicide websites yesterday as he held inquests for five men found hanged in Bridgend. Philip Walters said he viewed the disturbing internet pages — and believes they ARE encouraging people to kill themselves.

* ‘Suicide county’ mourns death

* Suicide sites ban

SICK websites which encourage people to kill themselves will be banned under tough new laws… It is already illegal to publish any material which aids, abets or promotes suicide.

And then:

14 suicides in town ‘not linked’

THE suicides of 14 young people in a small town are NOT linked, a coroner declared yesterday.
Speaking at the inquest for the most recent victim, Phillip Walters said: “I’m of the mind that there is no commonality between these deaths.” He added: “Preliminary investigations say the same.”

Not that Sun was alone:


DAILY TELEGRAPH: “What hope can we offer Bridgend’s teenagers?”

Suicidal Thoughts With The Daily Sport

Bridgend Watch: A Look At The Cult Of Suicides In The Media

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