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Actor Hoevels Cuts Own Throat On Stage

by | 11th, December 2008

DANIEL Hoevels is on stage. He picks up a blunt stage weapon and makes to slice his throat.

He collapses with blood foaming from his neck. The audience stands to applaud Friedrich Schiller’s play Mary Stuart.

Bravo. How very realistic. Bravo! More!!!

But there will be no encore. Not yet.

Hoevels, 30, does not take a bow, less his head fall off and the Austrian crowd at Vienna’s Burgtheater clap all the harder.

That blunt knife was not so blunt. It had been switched with a real blade; or else, the blade had been bought real and then not blunted by the props department; or else, an actor wanted to give his life to acting, literally?

Murder? Police are investigating.

Says a copper in Austrian daily Osterreich:

“The knife even still had the price tag on it.”

Was the receipt kept?

Says a medic:

“If Hoevels had hit an artery or cut only slightly deeper, he would have died on stage.”

And not only literally…

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