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Man Killed By China’s Weather Machine

by | 16th, December 2008

REST in pieces Wang Diange, formerly of Inner Mongolia, your remains found in the wreckage of a house where a wake had been taking place.

The rain was falling. The thunder was clapping. And the mourners heard a loud explosion. Half the roof was blown off.

Wang has been killed by the storm. He is sent to the crematorium.

The flame is lit. The body enters the oven and…Kaboom! Wang leaves with a bang. The over doors are blown right off.

Witnesses see the glowing remnants of a screw. A closer look. It bears the marking of a military serial number. A shell casing.

It turns out that the shell was fired in the skies to break up the hail – silver iodide within the shell can turn hail into rain.

The assumption is that the shell fell to earth, unexploded, and entered Wang’s body.

Three years after the tragic accident Mr Wang’s family have received 80,000 yuan (£8,000) in compensation from the weather bureau.

Tony Blair remains at large…

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