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Fining Drinkers On Trains That Sell Drink

by | 20th, December 2008

LISTEN to this plans to make trains safer and see if you think it will works, a trumpeted by the Sun:

“Yobs terrorising train passengers are to face a £50 on-the-spot fine under laws to be unveiled today.

“Cops will be given new powers to slap fixed-penalty tickets on anyone caught smoking, drinking or causing a nuisance on trains.”

Yes, these would be the same trains that run a bar service, sometime on a trolley that appears as if by magic.

“In the past, police could only warn or arrest the louts.”

Only arrest them. Yeah, only take them down to the station and ruin their night or day. Now the coppers can earn £50 for the big copper pot.

Says Transport Minister Lord Adonis:

“Passengers shouldn’t have to put up with people smoking, drinking alcohol and causing nuisance.”

No, they should not. So there will be more police and guards to man the trains? Er, no. There will guards at every station at all times of service? Er, no. And drinking is to be banned on trains. Er, no.

But on brighter note the move will “free up police time”.

That’s right. Writing a ticket is faster than arresting the droog. And you can rest assured the yobbo will supply his correct address, not contest the fine and have £50 to pay it.

And that the police will be there to enforce the law.

File under: can’t the train for the smoke and mirrors…

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