Anorak News | Dick Cheney Teams Up With Bin Laden For Nostalgia Show

Dick Cheney Teams Up With Bin Laden For Nostalgia Show

by | 21st, December 2008

VICE President Dick Cheney says capturing Osama bin Laden is something the Bush administration “clearly would love to do” in the last few weeks in office.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday” Cheney says bin Laden has been holed up in “such a way that there are questions about whether he is even running the al-Qaeda operation”.

Anorak learns that having offered jihadis shares in Al Qaeda on a Ponzi scheme – the investor is offered unusually high returns, with early investors paid off with money from later investors – Bin Laden has gone into ever deeper hiding.

This on top of the news that Hillary Clinton is to be exported from America as Obama’s Secretary of State is said to have triggered convulsions in the terror leader.

Says a source:

“Unless Al Qaeda can get a sponsor or a big firm to take over naming rights to the Tora Bora caves, we are royally humped. We were pinning our hopes on Woolworths but that’s gone tits up.”

And the advertising slump has been bad news for Al Qaeda. With every 1,000 views of their videos on YouTube earning just over $3, things are looking grim.

“We need to spice up our addresses in a trough market,” says the organisations Marketing VP. “Obama is looking at all options and considering a War On Terror roadshow.

“If Mr Cheney is interested, call me.”

It’s either that or Cirque de Celebrité…

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