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Brad and Angelina’s Children Banned From Watching Toy Ads

by | 23rd, December 2008

IN Hello!, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are delivering their Christmas message about how Joseph adopted baby Jesus and didn’t mind that the kid was of a different faith.

Says Brad Pitt:

“The kids don’t ask for big gifts for the reason that they don’t see a lot of the American cartoon television, which is packed with all those manipulative commercials for big toys that look so fantastic.

“When they do see that stuff is when they start asking for the toys, so we figure if they don’t see them they won’t know they’re there.”

Toys are a bit like Jesus, aren;t they? But religionists will tell you that Jesus is there, and so too are toys, like:

For her:

Shark Tale – Angie 9-inch plush doll

Tomb Raider – Lara Croft 7″ Anniversary Figure

Kung Fu Panda – kick ’em in the throat toys (assorted)

For him:

King of the Hill – PEGGY HILL King Of The Hill Action Figure

Ocean’s 11
– Brad Pitt Ocean’s Eleven 12″Figure

Se7en – Barbie Head in a box

And the kids might like to wathc what theys e ein teh street, too:

Billboard ads for Angelina Jolie film Wanted have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for glamorising gun violence.

The posters for the Hollywood movie featured Jolie and her co-star James McAvoy holding guns in a variety of positions in a comic book-style montage of pictures.

One ad featured Jolie lying on her back across the bonnet of a car, holding a gun next to the text: “We drove through the night at breathtaking speed, destroying everything in our path … welcome to the fraternity. We are a team of assassins, the weapons of fate. Kill one, save a thousand.”

Or as many caring parents say: save up now and get a bigger gun next Christmas…

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