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A Matter Of Loaf And Death: TV Highlights 2008 And 2009

by | 26th, December 2008

THE tops TV show over Christmas was A Matter of Loaf and Death, a rendering of Alan Bennett’s search for a tapioca sandwich, with Wallace and Gromit.

That the denouement to a year of telly should feature no actors and no celebrities is a sure sign of how much the views craves entertainment over:

* The BBC’s output of Ian Beale debating economic policy on Question Time with Will Young (only one part of that is made up)

* MTV filming doe-faced daddy’s boy Calum Best not having sex and Kerry Katona doing for metal illness what Sharon Osbourne did for dog turds

* Noel’s HQ on Sky, starring Noel ‘David Icke’ Edmonds

* Fiona Phillips crying – to Kate & Gerry McCann: “There are light moments though — you’ve acquired this odd celebrity status.”

* Orville’s comeback on ITV’s X Factor

* Tiffany providing EastEnders best script with a sponsored silence, topping in order:

Christian’s vest
Ian Beal’s toilet
The convicted kiddie molester who runs the youth club

* Lily Allen putting her hand in her mouth to sell her, er, BBC3 talk show

* Jonathan Ross being f****** by one his celebrity friends

* Big Brother presentuh Zezi Ifore proving that not anyone can be a TV presenter, only nearly anyone

Best show:

* Come Dine With Me in which adults stay in and don’t want telly

* Harry Hill’s TV Burp – a tribute to comedy writing, which no impacts on every show

Predictions for 2009:

* More American imports

* A decapitation on Dancing On Ice

* Big Brother dies

* The Wall becomes a hit in Berlin – “Bring On The Wall”

* BBC News 24 delivers its report on goings on at BBC News 24 – Live!

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