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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Blog Attracts Obama Supporters

by | 27th, December 2008

IT’S been quite a week for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who based his impression of Her Majesty the Queen on Rolf Harris’s painting of the great post-prandial season bringer.

Before Ahmadinejad gets billed as the new Jonathan Ross and is booked to enliven Friday night with Four Poofs and Piano, renamed “a Piano with four wires missing”, while Ross reads the Shipping Forecast in a multimedia mash up with continuity announcer, Anorak looks at Ahmadinejad’s blog.

Just as his alter ego believes the world to smell of wet paint, Queen Ahmadinejad of Iranshire hears only words of congratulation and good cheer.

Dear and honorable president my lasts comments not was pubblied and i admire you why this? Are messages too much for show all? Long life to you and Iran and all country that no like death but life.
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I find it strange that the leader of the Free World hides so much and is afraid of free speech. While others, like yourself, offer open discourse. I may not agree with you on some things but at least you are willing to hear differences. Peace be with you.

Incedinbtl stuff, that wolod lsom ot make you feel that the bloig is in some way contived and nto all comemtns get thorugh. But then you relise that this siw ay of all eladers.

 Wow, how can suich media bias get through?

Anne Davies reviews the US election:

As the Obama children hugged their father and Michelle Obama gazed deeply into her husband’s eyes, as if to reassure herself that this moment was real, a wave of emotion rolled over Grant Park in Chicago …

I felt tears prickle my eyes and looked around me to see thousands weeping tears of joy, amazement and disbelief.

It’s pretty clear that from now on all world leaders should address a country at random. All the names of all the nations are written on pieces of paper which are placed in a Lottery tombola and drawn out one at a time by a hooded Jade Goody.

At the same time, Ozzy Osbourne shouts out the name of a country. A match is made.

The only proviso is that no leader can address their own nation, so Obama gets to speak to China, the Queen goes Brazilian and President François Bozizé of the Central African Republic wishes the people of Finland much joy and the wonder of snow.

The world then votes for it favourite leader at £1minute. The money saves the global economy and the winner is gtanted an audience with Angelina Jolie…

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