Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: More on Amaral’s Book And Tabloid Bingo With Prince Harry

Madeleine McCann: More on Amaral’s Book And Tabloid Bingo With Prince Harry

by | 19th, January 2009

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GLASGOW MAIL: “Madeleine McCann cop makes attempt to flog book in UK”

A PORTUGUESE detective’s book claiming Madeleine McCann died while in her parents’ care could go on sale in the UK.

Could. Anything less certain? Amaral’s book is work of faction – fact and opinion.

Goncalo Amaral’s The Truth About A Lie claims parents Gerry and Kate then disposed of their three-year-old daughter’s body in the Algarve. This was dismissed by Portuguese authorities and Amaral, 49, was kicked off the case after five months in charge.

So why be bothered about a book the chief selling point of which is a theory that has not one shred of proof to support it? And what happened to his film? Are the tabloids keen on this book, which will, should it be published in Blighty, create a new phase in the media circus and fill slow enws days?

The book was a best seller in Portugal and Spain. Publisher Mario Sena Lopes said: “We have translated the book into English and are in discussions with publishers.”

Clarence Mitchell, for the McCanns, says:

“If the book is published here, they should be aware British laws are different.”

Indeed. But if anyone were interested in Amaral’s cashing in would they not buy the book already? And has any copper read it for clues, either in the UK or in Protugal? We’ve seen the puff piece. But an investigation deals with facts.

EXPRESS & STAR: “Best of Peter Rhodes”

Writes Peter:

I CAN understand it when confused old duffers of my generation look into a digital camera or mobile phone and say something stupid. After all, we grew up in an age when the usual means of recording us was the box Brownie, and we all put on our best smile for that.

Peter then finds two big new stories and makes a link. It’s Tabloid Bingo!

So what in the name of sanity possessed Prince Harry, while shooting a video, to refer to an Asian brother officer as “Paki”. And what, if anything, is going on between the ears of Matt Lewis, a member of Conservative Future?

Dunno. And, er, dunno?

Lewis thought it was a great hoot to dress up in blonde wig and pyjamas and go to a fancy dress party as the missing toddler Madeleine McCann. The sheer stupidity is awesome. Did this politically-minded university student not realise that for all time he will be known as the prat who dressed up as Madeleine, and that this will blight his personal life, his career and any political ambitions he may have cherished? They say youth is wasted on the young. So are brains.

And muscles. Get a load of Harry…

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