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Obama’s Cabinet Of All The Scare Stories, Obama On My Mind

by | 21st, January 2009

JUST as the Queen knows the world smells of wet pain, Barack Obama realises humanity has great hair, immaculate teeth and talks in pledges.

Obama’s cabinet will be cabinet of all the talents – actress, singer, actor-turned-singer, singer, bit-part actor and working-actor-but-not-in-actual-production-right-now.

First cabinet meeting, transcript:

Anne Hathaway: Smiles. Wanly.

Katy Perry: As First Secretary does anyone mind if I bend over the desk?

Gwyneth Paltrow: Who’s for chai soy lattes?

Courtney Cox: Do you mind if we work though lunch and eat later, at home?

Nicole Richie: Seconded!

Obama: It’s not a kosher lunch or a halal lunch or a breatharian lunch. It’s just American Lunch.

Samuel L Jackson: A mighty vengeance is coming to screw up the splentificous population of this damn metropolis of brotherhood and joytification.

Says Obama:

If we can harness the biggest media scare story – financial meltdown; climate apocalypse; terrorism end time – and present it as an infomercial with the voice of god played by Don LaFontaine, technology willing.

The transcript will form part of Obama On My Mind, a musical based on the life of America’s 44th president, and will open at Islington’s Hen and Chickens Theatre in March.

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