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Shannon Matthews: Karen Matthews And Craig Meehan To Breed

by | 25th, January 2009
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KAREN Matthews has been jailed for 8 years for her part in the kidnap of her daughter Shannon Matthews.

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NOTW: “I want babies with my Karen”

It’s Craig Meehan. His image is captioned:

Perv’s jail wedding bid.

He wants babies? And you’ll remember who she was heavily pregnant?

THE vile boyfriend of evil kidnap scam mum Karen Matthews has revealed they want to start a FAMILY when she gets out of prison. Craig Meehan, who was jailed last year for having child porn images on his computer, also intends to MARRY Matthews inside.


Such a ceremony would be funded by the taxpayer. Matthews—whose seven children by five fathers are all in care—this week began an eight-year stretch for staging the fake kidnap of her ten-year-old daughter Shannon.

Yes, yes. But how does the NOTW world know this? Well, it’s spoken to him. And why did he speak to it?

Sick Meehan, 23, revealed: “Karen’s upset because she’s lost all her kids. But it doesn’t matter because we’re going to have another baby. We’re going to start a new family when she comes out of prison. We want all of Karen’s children to be involved in our wedding, including Shannon. But I don’t know if that is going to be possible.”

Meehan, who has been in hiding since finishing his jail sentence, said he proposed by letter while Matthews, 33, was on remand.

But the NOTW knows where to find him:

He added: “She wrote back and told me that she wanted to marry me too. I would prefer to get married on the outside but it’s too long to wait. So we have spoken about getting married inside and that is what we are going to do. People can’t stop us.”

Having invited readers to be outraged by the babies and the marriage, the NOTW tells us:

Sickeningly, the pervert tried to EXCUSE the actions of Matthews, described by the judge at Leeds Crown Court as “truly despicable.” Meehan insisted: “Karen says she hasn’t done anything wrong so she’s got nothing to be remorseful about. And she’s sticking to her guns.

“She asks after Shannon all the time. She misses her and wants to be reunited with her. She told me, ‘I’ll do everything I can to be with her again. I’ll smash the prison gates down if I have to’.”

Looks like she’ll have to… And what will that cost the taxpayer?

SUNDAY MIRROR: “Karen Matthews actions were “truly despicable” – let’s hope Shannon now gets the care she deserves

We send Shannon our best wishes and all the luck in the world because the young girl deserves it.

And as a young girl, she’ll be reading the Mirror’s editorial.

BBC: Call for ‘more’ children in care

The head of children’s charity Barnardo’s has called for more children to be taken from problem families and placed into care. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Martin Narey said social workers should remove more children from their parents if they were believed to be in danger.

He said: “The emphasis is – too much in my view – on fixing families.”

Eyes down. Make the link. It’s Tabloid Bingo!

“It is important not to overreact in the aftermath of Baby P’s tragic death, the horror of Shannon Matthew’s dreadful childhood or the recent concerns over Doncaster.”

Yes, we should not overreact:

“The orthodoxy that says that care is always to be avoided but that when it is resorted to, care needs to mean foster care, leaves me feeling very nervous.”

We should be nervous, instead…

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