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Barack Obama To Adopt Puppy Child

by | 27th, January 2009

“FIRST SON will save White House marriage.”

The first son is not Obama – that was, as some assert, Jesus Christ. The first son is… Well, who? It’s the “WHITE HOUSE BABY SHOCKER!”

Says a source: “Whether or not they conceive is in God’s hands. They’re giving it about a year…”

It’s January now, so in about a year, just less – it should be around Christmas and perfect for God to be fired up and ready to have his way with Michelle’s womb.

Failing that, the source says, they will try IVF. Or failing that they will adopt. A source says the child will be “African-American”, and “learning-disabled” or “otherwise challenged”.

Before that they are going to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and try things out.

Or puppies. Or children. The Enquirer says Obama says he would like one or two children/puppies.

Or one child who thinks it a puppy, or puppy who has the face of a five year-old dyslexic.

Whatever , it will be just great and make the whole world feel better…

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