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An Open Letter From Michael Phelps

by | 7th, February 2009

WHAT was Michel Phelps thinking of when he first dipped a toe into the murky waters of pro-celebrity swimming?

The Olympics is seedy, vice-riddled world of corruption, greed and drugs.

Says a contrite Phelps:

“One minute you’re splashing around with few pals and then it’s swimming every day – after school; sometimes during school; sometimes instead of school.

People make you offers and money. There is a lot of money.

In a few months I was hooked. Everywhere I went it was swimming. All my friends were into swimming. I started experimenting with different strokes – the crawl, the butterfly, the, what I now know to be, perverted backstroke.

I look at those pictures of me face down in swimming and I feel sick. The stuff gets in your hair, in your eyes and ruins your skin.

The rewards are intoxicating, man. At one point I was wearing eight gold medals. At the time it felt so good but now I realise it was crazy. I was out of control.

I needed to walk up to myself and admit that I had a problem.

Any kids out there should know that they should not experiment with swimming but stick to recreational drugs…

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