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Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: Casualty Special And Hate Mail

by | 7th, February 2009

JADE Goody Cancer watch: Jade has a tumour removed.

JADE’S LIFE SAVING OP” is the Mirror’s front-page news.

A nation’s heart has gone out to Jade Goody during her cancer battle, but few people can truly understand her ordeal as well as Rebekah Gibbs.

Who she?

The former Casualty star was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year – just 10 weeks after the birth of her daughter Gigi.

Casualty is real? That explains why it is so very dull, and is broadcast on a Saturday night when A&E is at it liveliest…

Here, 35-year-old Rebekah extends a supportive hand to Jade, from one brave mum to another…


Dear Jade,

When I heard that your cancer had spread, my heart went out to you.

As someone also fighting cancer, I wanted to reach out and try and help you in any way I can…
But at the same time it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. You’ve got a beautiful family and the whole country backing you.

She speaks for us all.

My diagnosis came in April last year. When you got told you had cancer, Jade, it was probably the worst moment of your life. I know it was for me.

I can appreciate your fear about your boys and not seeing them grow up. My daughter Gigi, who has just turned one, was only 10 weeks old when I was diagnosed. My first thought was, “Will I live to see her grow up?”

And on we go with “My Celebrity Cancer”.

Next week, Kerry Katona tells us about her bi-polarism, Sarah Ferguson about her aching feet and H from steps about how he got his Preparation H nickname…

GLASGOW RECORD: “Good for Jade, but don’t forget why her boyfriend was sent down”

Kay Adams just wants you to know…

Only way down the billing was the reminder that Tweedy hadn’t been parted from Jade because he’d been serving in Afghanistan or earning an honest crust in some other god-forsaken place.

That’s Jack Tweed, to you and me…

She was left bereft of her soulmate because he was in the nick for battering a 16 year old about the head with a golf club.

I’m not saying he’s Reggie Kray – it would appear the boy he assaulted wasn’t exactly the clean tattie either, though he wasn’t charged with any wrong-doing – but it has to be a reasonable bit of thuggery to be given a sentence.

Shouldn’t we be pondering on his actions just a bit longer before casting him as the romantic male lead in a real-life love story and letting him quietly slip back into the celebrity pages?

Let’s ponder…

DAILY RECORD: “Jade Goody undergoes surgery after doctors find golf-ball sized tumour in her bowel”

Golf balls. Oh, the irony… Give that cancer what fore!

DAILY MAIL: “Jade Goody ‘has emergency operation to remove life-threatening tumour’”

As the Big Brother star was about to be operated on at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital she told medical staff: ‘I’m scared.’

Frightening stuff…

DAILY MAIL: I created the monster that became Jade Goody Inc… Now I feel guilty as she fights for her life, By JANE ENNIS

Me and my celebrity’s celebrity cancer…

I sold magazines and Jade got rich. It all seemed like innocent fun at the time, but today I am not so sure.
The whole of Jade’s celebrity status was built on feet of clay. Unlike the other showbusiness people featured in Now, she had no discernible talent and she came from a background of ignorance and poverty that made her vulnerable to the idea of easy money.

But money never comes easily and Jade sacrificed all privacy for herself and her children as she danced to fame’s tune.

Soon there was no getting away from the constant round of confessional interviews, because the only way Jade had of making money was to sell stories about herself. And the only way to have more stories to sell was to carry on leading a car-crash life.


She showed a nasty side to herself, coming across as a racist bully, hounding Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and displaying a foul temper. Anti-Jade letters poured in.

She became a subject for News at Ten and effigies of her were burnt in the streets. Politicians weighed in with fatuous comments.

We did not renew her Now column and, to my shame, I actually ran a cover saying: Jade We Hate You.

Hate you more, you **** c**** lk*****!!!

When I realised it was serious, I tried to phone her, but we had not spoken for two years and she had changed her mobile number. But what would I have said if she had answered?

‘Sorry you have cancer. ‘Sorry I took advantage of your naivety and ignorance and encouraged you to sell slivers of your life to the highest bidder.

‘Sorry I turned against you.’

Jade needs friends…

THE HERALD: Sock it to ’em, Jade, and keep up the fight

If Goody has shown anything during her time in the celebrity circus it is that she is a fighter. The best of luck to her in this bout.


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