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Jade Goody: Jack Straw’s Poll, Max Clifford And A No Class Love Story

by | 21st, February 2009

JADE Goody Live Celebrity Cancer Watch: Jack Straw, Max Clifford and No Class

Daily Mirror (front page): “JADE’S ANGELS”

Jade Goody will have nurses close by as she marries tomorrow – to ensure she gets through the ceremony.

That is an “exclusive”. Who knew? Very ill woman gets care. Read all about it!

Medic crash team on standby for big day

Daily Mirror: “Her hard graft has made Jade a working class hero”

A hero? Miranda Sawyer goes on:

What to say about poor Jade Goody?

Well, you’ve got another 250 words, so think, Miranda. Think! Anything else you can borrow from Love Story?

Jade is working class, the class that doesn’t exist any more, because “we’re all middle class now”, according to New Labour. The old working class has become the dismissed underclass, made up of families like Jade’s.


Existing on benefits, without a father, riddled with drugs and disability and chaotic behaviour.

Can you be working class if no parent is working? Discuss.

If we learn anything from Jade’s tragically short life, it should be that if we give socalled chavs respect and a chance to make a success of themselves, then, you know what, sometimes they do.

We? Who is this we?

We continue to bully the class Jade comes from.

We again? Oh, it’s all those middle class Daily Mirror readers and well-paid hacks…

Daily Express (front page): “Jade hides her pain to buy the wedding ring”

Daily Star (front page): “JADE MY JOY – I will spend wedding night wiith Jack”

Her publicist Max Clifford said: “This is the best possible news for Jade. She is absolutely thrilled.

“It will be the dream finish to her dream day, and it makes so much difference.”

Sky News: “Jade To Tell Kids Her Heartbreaking News”

Jade Goody is seeking professional advice on how to tell her two young sons she is about to die.

Well, if they can read and watch telly, it’s job done.

Glasgow Daily Record: “Letter: Your View – Jade Deserves Our Compassion”

JADE Goody has never harmed me in any way and I’m sure that goes for all who criticise her.

Well, most of us have never met her.

They have probably used her as entertainment at some time (reading about her or watching her on TV), because they seem to know so much about her.

Read on…

Show some compassion for a mother of two young children who knows she will be leaving them soon. That must be so hard to bear. Perhaps making them secure financially is helping her through it.

I hear no criticism of Max Clifford, TV channels or the magazines who are making themselves available to her. Why are they doing so? For the same reason, to make money. She is being exploited once more.

You can only be exploited if you don’t want to be.

The Sun: “I will give Jade a magical day”

DEVOTED Jack Tweed last night promised to turn his wedding into a “magical” day for tragic bride Jade Goody.

The 21-year-old will tie the knot with Jade tomorrow, knowing it may be only weeks before cancer cruelly claims her life.

He said as he bought wedding day shoes for the Big Brother star’s two young sons:

“I’m really looking forward to it in a very big way. I can’t wait for us to get married and it’s been a really exciting time. I love Jade more than anything and this is all we both want. It’s going to be the best day of my life.

“I know how hard the next few weeks will be and I know I’ll be fighting back tears as she walks down the aisle. But I’m going to make it a magical day for my Jade.

Belfast Telegraph: “Jade is a reality star to the end”

Whether people think she is right or wrong, in the end she is a human being who needs our sympathy — and not the condemnation of dispassionate strangers — during the last stages of her life’s journey.

Says a, er, stranger to her.

Fans online: We all feel sorry for those kids. I sincerely hope they do well in life.

Maybe the royal mint could bring out a special edition Jade Goody princess of hearts coin to help raise funds

The_Crown Posted on 21/02/2009 02:58

Daily Mail: “Degrading, disgusting, and demeaning: I’m ashamed of modern women’s magazines says a former Cosmo editor”

Linda Kelsey, everyone:

But I am deeply troubled at the loss of women’s magazines as what I used to think of as a safe haven for women. The idea of a magazine as a girl’s best friend, an entertaining pick-me-up, an aspirational forum for advice on how to look and feel your best, get the job you want – and, yes OK, with a few sex tips thrown in for good measure – seems to have disappeared.

Former is a euphemism for “older”.

The Independent: “Commendable conduct from a grieving father”

One of the guests at Jade Goody’s wedding tomorrow is to be admired. Jeff Brazier, the father of the reality star’s sons Bobby and Freddie, is separated from their mother, but is by no means an absent father…

No one begrudges Goody the fulfilment of her dream of a big white wedding. Even the Prime Minister has wished her well and the Justice Minister has stepped in to bend the rules so that Goody’s fiancé, Jack Tweed, can stay with her for all of the celebrations.

Even him.

However, it would be quite understandable if Brazier had some qualms about the hasty acquisition of a stepfather for his boys. He is impervious to all enquiries. Instead he offered support for his former girlfriend, by visiting her at home as she prepared for her marriage. Not everyone would be so circumspect in the face of huge media attention. His conduct is impeccable.

The Times: “A very public death – Jade Goody: while her attempts to provide for her children are commendable, we must question our own motives”

Sir, Carol Midgley’s reasoned defence of the public viewing of Jade Goody’s illness and death is right in many respects (times2, Feb 19).

While it is entirely healthy to confront death as the inevitable end of all life — including our own — and not to be squeamish or hypocritical about the process or the fact of dying, might this be the time to consider that possibly, with most other former taboos now accepted, we are entering a dangerous new era, where anything is considered fit for public viewing — and therefore by association, entertainment? Would torture or public execution be considered acceptable?

Jade Goody deserves to die with dignity, and I salute her for making sure that her children have the necessary funding for the education she deserved and never had. She is ensuring this in the only way that she knows how — but while we watch her decline, might I suggest that we think about what happens after programmes showing reality deaths have lost their appeal.

In short, while we weep for the loss of this young life, we should also keep an eye on our motives for showing its passing.

The Guardian (front page): “Max Clifford. Exploitation, the media, Jade Goody and me”

“It’s organised chaos,” Max Clifford tells an Irish journalist with whom he’s doing a live radio interview over the phone. He’s talking about the arrangements for Jade Goody’s wedding tomorrow, but he could equally well be referring to his own small office in Mayfair, which is accommodating the ebullient Clifford, seven members of staff (all female), three camera crews and numerous packages which members of the public have sent to be forwarded on to Goody, a hate-figure turned national icon.

The Guardian: “Goody will not die on camera, Clifford promises”

“She wants to do maybe a one-off with Piers [Morgan] for ITV. There might be one or two other things and some charity work. But no more: reality TV can only take so much reality.”

In what passes for the real world:

Straw said: “It is crucial that offenders are treated equally within the rules regardless of the publicity surrounding their case but I was satisfied that it was reasonable to allow this.” A spokesman added: “Jack has enormous sympathy for Jade Goody and her family. She is showing extraordinary courage.”

Gordon Brown also commented, saying: “Everyone who suffers cancer has the thoughts of me and I think the whole country over what they go through.”

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press: “Norfolk welcome for Jade Goody’s sons”

Norfolk… In East Angular?

There will always be a welcome in Norfolk for Jade Goody’s sons, the uncle of her fiancé Jack Tweed told the EDP last night.

Says he:

“We are a protective family and we stick together. My mother died of cancer when I was 15 and it tore through her in such a short time so my brother (Jack’s father) and I have been through this before.

“Like her or hate her you can see in Jade’s pictures now that the cancer has ravaged her in a few weeks

Hate. Does anyone actually hate Jade Goody?

“Most people have a story in their family of someone who died of the disease and it is OK to see it happening. It does not mean we can stop it but how else can you explain what is happening. I don’t think it is ugly, it is part of life.”

Newpost (India): “Cancer-stricken Goody reading Bible in her last weeks”

Jade Goody – a life in PR headlines.

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