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Jade Goody: Jordan’s Flowers, Kill Her Now, Coleen Rooney And A Secret Ceremony

by | 25th, February 2009
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JADE Goody’s celebrity cancer: Jordan’s Flowers, Kill Her Now, Coleen Rooney And A Secret Ceremony.

Are the papers tying of the Jade Goody story? If she lingers for too long – months on the front page – perhaps the papers will start to turn on her.


The Sun (front page): “JADE: KILL ME NOW.”

Jade is:

“Distraught at diagnosis”

Brave Jade distraught? “Brave” is the epithet tabloids lost causes. And the grim news is that Jade Goody is terminally ill. But how does “brave” sit with “distraught”?


“Jade Goody begged doctors to give her a lethal injection or pill after she was told the cancer was terminal.”

Jane Moore: “Would Jack have stayed with Jade?”

Dunno. Let’s guess…

Jack Tweed is just 21 and already has a criminal conviction to his name. And a nasty one at that. He attacked 16-year-old Daniel Steele with a golf club and his victim says he still suffers the after-effects of the assault.


She says now: “If anyone had said to me ‘do you see yourself with Jack in the future?’ I would have said ‘no’.” A telling statement, so what’s changed? Well, Jade now has a death sentence hanging over her head. Perhaps this made her realise her true feelings for Jack.


Or perhaps she simply figured she had nothing to lose by marrying him and enjoying her fantasy day.


Either way, marriage is a binding contract, one that could entitle him to all of her hard-earned money, tax-free.

What yer saying, Jane?

I don’t doubt that Jack the lad loves her, but his staying power as a husband isn’t going to be tested and, given past form, he’s unlikely to change his spots. The tawdry stunt wearing women’s underwear simply confirms his immaturity.

Kids today. Good job Moore’s her to lend a guiding hand.

Daily Mirror (front page): “JADE: MY DEATH WISH ANGUISH.”

“She asked for suicide pill after diagnosis.”

The cancer-stricken mum, 27, revealed: “I said to the doctors, ‘Give me an injection or tablet. Let me go and let my kids get on with their lives’.”

Daily Mail: “Jade Goody: ‘I begged doctors to end my life’”

The Big Brother star revealed that she is helping her sons Freddie and Bobby to cope with her condition by using a book that the hospital gave her. It is about a dying badger, and explains heaven to children.


“I would rather my kids remembered me as I was when I was well instead of watching me deteriorate in front of them,” she added. “That would really upset me.”

Keep them away from the papers and the gossip mags and the telly, and they should be ok.

Daily Star (front page): “JADE My secret second ceremony”

Is a secret no longer. Shem we missed it…


Hats all round.

BATTLING Jade Goody is defying doctors by planning her sons’ Christening next week and vowing: “I will be there.”

You thought a renewing of wedding vows..?

She has been ordered to take a complete rest after her hectic wedding took its toll on her. But the cancer-stricken mum-of-two is determined to go ahead with the baptism of Bobby, five and Freddie, four, as soon as possible.

We can reveal that she has pencilled in next Monday as the big day.

Spritzers all round.

Times of India: “Jade wants to be remembered as Goody”

It’s her legacy…

“I still want everyone to remember me as Jade Goody. That’s who I am. I know it’s morbid, but I’ve told everyone that’s what I want on my headstone,” the Sun quoted her as saying in her New! magazine column.

Your name on your headstone? Well, it’s revolutionary , but that’s Jade, for yer. It might even catch on…

Essex Echo: “Firms’ touch of magic for Jade’s day”

TWO south Essex firms played a part in cancer sufferer Jade Goody’s emotional wedding to Jack Tweed. Catering company Chocolate Fools provided a tasty treat, while Partyman Company entertained at the pair’s glitzy reception…

Partyman World of Play, based in Repton Close, Basildon, supplied popular entertainer James Sinclair, also known as Jimbo… Jimbo, who owns the company, said: “Jade’s sons loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed being dressed head to toe in balloons and spending hours of fun on the giant inflatables, fun slides and bouncy castles. It was an honour for the Partyman Company to be a part of Jade’s special day.

“It is incredibly sad for her and her family, but for one day everyone was there to have a wonderful time, and that is all you can wish for.”

No, we can wish for more. Go on:

Theresa Smith, 39, co-owner of Chocolate Fools, was also at the couple’s reception… She explained “I e-mailed Jack Tweed before the wedding to ask if we could help by supplying them with a chocolate fountain and then Jade’s bridesmaid got in touch with us and it went from there. We set up the fountain at the reception and were there for the night. It was very emotional, but there were also a lot of laughs.”

Anyone laughing?

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