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Gail Trimble Stripped

by | 3rd, March 2009

UNIVERSITY Challenge boffin Gail Trimble has been stripped. So says the Express.

No – ho-ho – she’s not taken the Nuts schilling. Trimble has been stripped of her title. Team Corpus Christ, of which she was the captain, cheated. Thr title is now housed within the red-bricks of Manchester University.

Team member Sam Kay was not a student, a fact given credence by his neatness of hair, presence of socks (matching), upright sitting and working at PriceWaterhouse Coopers at the time of the contest.

Students must be students for the duration of the University challenge series. It’s the rule. Kay broke it. Who knew a student would get a job? What are the odds?

Nimble Trimble is still smiling on the cover of the Mail. She is dressed in a white fitted T-shirt, a purple cardigan and glasses (all model’s own).

Says Kay:

I regret not confirming my change of status to the programme makers. I honestly believed I was eligible as I had indicated my course dates when I applied.”

Says Jeremy Paxman, the show’s host:

“If a tap leaks a millilitre of water every second, how many 10-litre buckets will it fill completely in a day?”

Kay, reading accounts at PWC: “Eight. 8.64 to be precise.”

Or less 17% for tax, with further reduction for pension quotes, golfing expenses and sundries

Note: Look out for stories on how the ruling is a victory for the working classes.

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