Anorak News | Scare Stories: Killer Barbie At 50, Lidl Terrorists And Smelling Of Pigs

Scare Stories: Killer Barbie At 50, Lidl Terrorists And Smelling Of Pigs

by | 10th, March 2009

MEDIA Scare stories: Anorak’s daily look at horror stories making news – Killer Barbie at 50, Lidl Terrorists And Smelling Of Pigs

“Statins are the new NHS wonder drug for cutting cholesterol. But do they have sinister side-effects?”- Daily Mail

Gynnnpshthhwappp. None that we’ve – thrwakkpioooop – noticed…

“Imogen couldn’t work out why she kept piling on weight. Then she was told her thyroid had gone haywire” – Daily Mail

My glands and me, by Imogen Lloyd Webber…

“Can anti-perspirants harm women’s breasts?”

Depends if you tremove the cap or not…

“Could the pain in my chest be angina?”

Yes. Or a heart attack. Or tape worms. Or…

“The risk of being depressed: Illness doubles heart attack deaths in women” – Daily Mail

And angina..?

“Anger increase risk of fatal heart attack” – Daily Mail

Call a ******g ambulance you ****!

“Mother dies after routine surgery to ease back pain” – Daily Mail


“Terror gang bought supplies from Lidl and Argos” – Daily Mail

Islamists feel credit crunch pinch

“Beware the red lily killer beetles set to wreak havoc on UK gardeners” – Daily Mail

When lady birds attack!

“Dog Bite Risk for Kids Greatest in Summer” –

Release the hounds!

“Snowy Roads Lead to Crashes” – WLUK-TV

And to the hospital.

“Pig Odor No Laughing Matter for Folks Who Have to Live With It” – Arizona Daily Star

Anyone else smell bacon?

“Why migraine sufferers may miss the joys of spring” – Daily Mail


“Sleep tight, the bedbugs are back”

There were 1.3million in the bed and the little one said…

“He was hooked on cocaine and call-girls. She was a neurotic who hated dolls. Yet 50 years ago this week they created the world’s most famous toy – only for it to destroy them both – the CURSE of BARBIE”


More scare stories every day…

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