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Jade Goody The ‘Pig’ Is Dead

by | 22nd, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with Jade’s obituary…

The Sun: “She thought Rio De Janeiro was a person and ‘East Angular’ was a place in Africa”

JADE’S childlike innocence and hilarious blunders charmed the nation when she first shot to fame on Big Brother 3… Her fellow housemates, and a growing TV audience, mocked her for her ignorance

And the press… What did they say, specifically The Sun?

The Sun called her a hippo, then a baboon, before launching its campaign to “vote out the pig”.

The caring Sun…

TODAY Bizarre speaks its mind and urges readers to vote JADE out of the Big Brother house. The pig with the biggest mouth on TV has finally been nominated for eviction – and now YOU have the power to roast her.

Jade has few redeeming qualities and her housemates have at last become aware of her bitchiness and backbiting.

About time too…

She doesn’t deserve to win the £70,000 prize and you can help stop her getting her trotters on it…

I urge you to exercise your democratic right and vote the pig out.

The Sun: “Mum was a lesbian, Dad was a drug addict burglar who hid guns under her cot”

Or you can smile, as she always tried to do, remembering that the world was not quite ready for the brash, boisterous, guileless young woman who burst on to our TV screens seven years ago… and heaven is almost certainly not ready either.

Anorak recalls Graham Norton building his entire post-Big Brother show around the “porcine” Goody.

Daily Telegraph:

The first time she was mentioned in the press, in May 2002, Jade Goody was described as a “pretty dental nurse, 20, from London”. But 24 hours later, as she began her gobby, ignorant trajectory in the Big Brother house, The People went on the attack under the headline: “Why we must lob the gob”. Before long it was open season.  The Sunday Mirror rejected porcine comparisons on the ground that it was “insulting – to pigs”.

Inside the “BB” house, Jade Goody found herself in bed with her male housemate, PJ, who ran away, shrieking.

After getting a blow job. And, no. he wasn’t running. He was in bed.

Her drunken striptease in a drinking game rigged by the male contestants (“Me kebab is showing!”) forced even Channel 4 to blank the screen.

An “I was there” moment of telly viewing. Jade Goody was entertaining. She was on the telly.

“Here she is: fat-rolled, Michelin girl Jade in all her preposterous lack of glory,” thundered the Daily Mirror the next day. “Naked as the day Dr Frankenstein made her.” Jade’s then boyfriend chipped in: “She’s a sex-crazed, lying, two-timing drunken tart, and I hope I never see her again.”

And her dad, who died:

There was also plenty of clapping and cheering for Jade in Bedford jail, where her father Andrew Goody is serving four years for robbery and theft.

He tells the Star of his heartbreak at ”the cruel jibes and abuse” he suffered when the other inmates were glued to Jade’s antics.

”When she was with PJ, every cell door in the jail was banging in time and I wanted to hide and lash out,” he recalls with a shudder. ”It was twice the noise they made when England scored in the World Cup.

Jade Goody A Reader Apology: Exclusive To All Newspapers

Jade Goody is dead. A woman died today. A woman of just 27 years of age with two children died today. And that is tragic. And for all the grandstanding, she might yet save a life…


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