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Jade Goody Won’t Di

by | 25th, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Jack’s grief,

Daily Mirror: “I cannot bear to be alone – Jack’s Grief for Jade”

Is Kerry Katona single yet? Danielle Lloyd?

“Jack ‘will go to pieces’ if left alone” – Jade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed can’t bear to spend any time alone and is desperately trying to fill every waking moment with friends and family, pals said yesterday.

A source close to the 21-year-old added that as soon as they leave, he “goes to pieces”.

When he’s alone the newly widowed man goes to pieces. How do they know that, then?

Asked how he was coping, he simply shook his head.


Jackiey was visibly moved by the avalanche of cards and flowers left by the public – and made clear they would get the chance to say farewell to her daughter on April 4.

She said: “Jade’s funeral is going to be open to the whole world.

“Everyone’s invited. It’s going to be like Lady Diana.”

Buckle up! And pray silence

Jade Goody’s Funeral Broadcast Live On TV.

Jade Goody Book Of Condolences

Daily Mail: ALLISON PEARSON: Jade Goody and Princess Diana had so much in common

Neither Diana or Jade had a template for a happy family. Both had mothers who abandoned them. Each was damaged, each sought the love and approval they had never known from a fickle public.

Both women ended up as a kind of royalty, one ancient, the other that modern monarchy called fame.

Diana was ever teh celebrity princess. And Jade’s ancient rites…

They had the power of changing a room when they joined it. They made people happy and excited, which may not be a degree course, but is a talent nonetheless.

Both were damned for being dim. Diana confessed she was ‘thick as a plank’. Jade, unforgettably, believed that Rio de Janeiro was a person and said she didn’t want to be made ‘an escape goat’.

But they had a way of bypassing conventional intelligence and making an intuitive connection with a crowd which unnerved some commentators – especially men.

Remember when Jade got her vol-au-vents out?

Both were expert media manipulators, yet universally adored for being ‘real’. Both were meant to be living a fairytale, but it ended unhappily ever after and no prince could kiss them better.

‘In good times and bad, she never lost the capacity to smile and laugh.’ Those were the Queen’s words, after Diana’s death. But it could be Jade’s obituary too.

Whatever their faults – and there were plenty – Diana and Jade overcame neglectful upbringings and became excellent mums to their own boys.

The Sun: “I’ll make Jade so proud”

It’s an “exclusive” with Jack Tweed, celebrity widow.

The Sun: “Jade’s lessons of life in death”

Jane Moore:

At the time, I wrote that while we were all sniggering at her ignorance, it was no laughing matter that this girl had emerged from the state education system knowing so little about the world.

But from that first foray into the public arena until her untimely death on Mother’s Day, it’s now obvious that while Jade’s general knowledge was indeed sorely lacking, she was able to teach the rest of us many valuable lessons in other ways.

Such as the fact that we like someone thicker than ourselves, she making us feel superior?

Jade Goody RIP. Far from perfect, but a fundamentally honest soul who taught us that life isn’t just about what you already know, but what you’re prepared to learn along the way.

It’s the journey.

Daily Star: “Jade’s Secret Will”

Pssst! Come closer.

“£2 million to each of her sons – money to Indian orphans & cancer charities but NOTHING to Jack”

Keep it to yourselves.

Daily Telegraph: “BBC criticised over Jade Goody coverage – The BBC has been criticised over its news coverage of Jade Goody’s death.”

But not the Telegraph, the serious newspaper which leads with news of… Jade Goody. And the curse of Natasha Richardson.

Financial Times: “My last hope for a celebrity-free read”

From Mr Jose A. Lopez.

Sir, I was having a conversation with my father-in-law (who used to work in the City) about the general dumbing down of the press in Britain. I brought to his attention that one of the reasons that the only paper I read is the FT is precisely because it is the kind of newspaper that deals primarily with news and ignores the celebrity-trash issues that infect the British press (broadsheets included) from time to time. I went so far as to bet that your paper would not have any mention of Jade Goody on its front page this Monday.

Unfortunately you proved me wrong, and you have at the same time shown me that the rot from this dumbing down (a global phenomenon not limited to the UK, I acknowledge) is deeper than I initially thought.

I am still counting on The Economist ignoring the issue this Friday. Failing that, all hope is lost.

Jose A. Lopez,
London N5, UK

Hey – the papers care: Jade Goody The ‘Pig’ Is Dead

The Independent: “Janet Street-Porter: We’ve lost sight of what bravery really means”

Is “brave” the most over-used word in the English language? Jade Goody receives the same kind of gushing tributes that surrounded the death of Princess Diana…

The Queen of Rough Diamonds.

The ubiquitous Max Clifford has already promised us large television screens outside the church in Essex where the ceremony takes place on 4 April, and who knows what celebrity guests he will conjure up to participate? He’s divulged that the coffin will be made of oak from the Royal Windsor forest and that there will be a 21-car cortège. It’s all beginning to sound like a state funeral…

Like a keeeebab in the wind…

Jade was partly responsible for her condition – failing to respond to hospital letters telling her that her smear tests were abnormal and she should urgently seek medical help. She should have been on her guard after pre-cancerous cells were removed when she was just 16.

The Guardian: “Jade Goody: children’s father asks media to stop taking photographs – After Jade Goody’s death, Jeff Brazier appeals for privacy for couple’s sons”

But first, let’s go the Jumbo monitor for Jade’s funeral…

A statement:

“Whilst we appreciate the huge amount of support and well wishes that have been received through the media over the past few months and in particular the sensitive handling of the last few days, we feel it is important for the children to now have some time away from the media spotlight to allow them to come to terms with the loss of their mother and have some family time alone and privacy.

“We would now like to respectfully ask that following the children’s visit to Jade’s home this afternoon, that photographers refrain from taking pictures of the children from 8pm this evening [Tuesday] until further notice (or [from] publishing pictures taken after this time which may be supplied by third parties).

“Obviously we understand the enormous public support and interest in their wellbeing and will, in due course, be happy to allow some media access at such a point in time that we feel is appropriate.”

And a deal can be struck?

That privacy plea in full: Jade Goody Privacy Plea!

Jade goody lives on…

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