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Barack Obama Swallows The Polypill

by | 2nd, April 2009

BARACK Obama – a look at how we can get Barack Obama into news story, with the polypill…

It’s been a dream for a decade: a single daily pill combining aspirin, cholesterol medicine and blood pressure drugs — everything people need to prevent heart attacks and strokes in a cheap, generic form.

Wait for it…

Skeptics said five medicines rolled into a single pill would mean five times more side effects. Some people would get drugs they don’t need, while others would get too little. One-size-fits-all would turn out to fit very few, they warned. Now the first big test of the “polypill” has proved them wrong.

Hurrah! And:

“Widely applied, this could have profound implications,” said Dr. Robert Harrington, an American College of Cardiology spokesman and chief of Duke University’s heart research institute. “President Obama is trying to offer the greatest care to the greatest number. This very much fits in with that.”

Yes We Can!

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