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New TV Documentary Accuses Kate And Gerry McCann

by | 13th, April 2009

MORE on Madeleine McCann now. And we seem to be brewing up for a summer of Maddie.

Summer is a slow and lazy time for news hacks – it’s why no wars are declared in the summer and our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan spend the balmy season playing cricket and singing Agadoo.

The Irish Independent yells: “Sacked police chief points finger at McCanns

THE former police officer thrown off the Madeleine McCann case is set to attack her parents again in a TV documentary.

It’s “shamed Goncalo Amaral” casting “doubt on Gerry and Kate’s belief that she was snatched by a paedophile. He will claim Madeleine died in the British couple’s holiday apartment the night she vanished nearly two years ago.”

It’s a claim Portuguese police could not prove nor find a shred of evidence to support. The McCanns are innocent. Of course, there is no evidence found of any crime having been perpetuated against Madeleine McCann. All we know is that she is gone.

And who was the lead copper investigating Amaral’s premise? Why, it was Goncalo Amaral… Back to the made-for-TV speculation, based on Amaral’s work of faction – the book no-one in the UK dares to publish?

Madeleine McCann: Reading Amaral’s Book, Free Speech And Elvis.

The documentary is closely based on Mr Amaral’s 214-page book ‘The Truth of the Lie‘, penned last year after he was removed from the hunt for missing Madeleine. It will also include a reconstruction of the night the three-year-old vanished which will lend weight to the idea she died in the Praia da Luz flat.

Who plays Our Maddie?

It’s transmission comes 10 days after Mr McCann jetted to the Algarve to help a separate reconstruction of the night Madeleine disappeared which will go out next month on Channel 4.

Can they use the same child or Matthew Lewis? Kelsey Lynn Kudla? Bouchra Benaissa? Tea? Him? Her? And use her as Kate McCann?


Meanwhile the Sun looks at the case: “Emails in Maddie hunt stay a secret”

EMAILS relating to the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann are to remain secret over fears they could offend the Portuguese authorities.

You mean those *******-munching, paedo-******** ***** (see all British media)?

A request under the Freedom of Information Act asked for disclosure of emails and a letter sent between the British ambassador and Portuguese police in the weeks after Maddie vanished. The Foreign Office initially released some information, but the rest was held back under a special exemption to protect international relations

Is it to believed that Britain’s oldest ally will server links with Blighty because a child went missing?

It is believed the request was rejected because some letters are critical of the investigation by Portuguese cops.

Was Madeleine McCann found? No. A child is missing. but harsh words must be kept hushed up for fear of causing offence.

Elsewhere in the Sun: “‘Help me’ poster splattered in paint, how Praia da Luz turned on Maddie”

THOUGH splattered with paint her face is unmistakable.

One day after it was put up sick vandals ignored the Maddie poster’s heartbreaking “Help me!” plea — and instead maliciously obscured the campaign’s hotline number.

Sick? No-one daubed a giant phallus on it. It’s just spattered paint. And thanks to the vandalism, Our Maddie is news.

As the second anniversary of her disappearance approaches, the spoiled hoarding is a chilling reflection on how locals in the seaside town feel towards Maddie still being in the news.

Chilling? We are chilled by a spot of vandalism. Didn’t a child go missing?

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