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Man Sells House Haunted By Jade Goody

by | 20th, April 2009

JADE Goody is returned. With Mr Jade Goody, Jack ‘Twiglet‘ Tweed giving Her Majesty no end of pleasure, it’s time for Jade Goody to step in and keep the brand alive.

Jack is still doing his bit for the family business.

Jade’s grieving husband Jack Tweed, 21, has turned to God and is reading the Bible in prison. Jack, who has been jailed for 12 weeks for assaulting a taxi driver, is spending hours in his cell in Chelmsford Prison, Essex, reading some of Jade’s favourite passages.

The Goody News Bible will be in the shops soon.

But to Jade, subject of the Daily Star’s:



Jade Goody’s neighbour is selling his £1million country pad because he is being haunted by the reality star. Brad Porrett, 51, lives in the house next to Jade’s converted barn, where she lost her battle with cancer last month.

Know that name… Porrett…

The neighbour, who was involved in a driveway spat with the realty TV star shortly before her death, is reportedly “sick” of fans and photographers visiting.

That as Jade’s Goody’s last row. Oh, he’s changed his name:

John Lipsett, of Bramble Cottage in Pick Hill, Upshire, said he was “very fond” of Jade and her family, but her well-documented battle with cancer had led things in the neighbourhood to “escalate out-of-hand”…


And pals say Mr Porrett feels the whole barn is “a bit eerie” since Jade died and reckons it will always remind him of the media furore surrounding her death.

Is his driveway haunted, Jade blocking his way out, a ghostly speed hump?

A pal of Mr Porrett said yesterday: “He’s selling despite the housing market slump. He’s sick and tired of all the media attention over the past six months and is fed up with the mountain of flowers outside his home.”

Now read on…

“It has been constant ever since she was first diagnosed with cancer and he knows that it will be like that for a long time yet.”

For years people will make pilgrimage to a barn in Waltham Abbey, Essex. A nativity:

* Knock knock!

* F*** off! No room here. Try the hotel up the road. Leave the Terry’s All Gold, incense and fur. Leave your little donkey at the door.

And now:

Yesterday it was reported that Jade’s home was up for sale and her family had decided to sell it.

Such are the facts.

But we can reveal the house is in fact owned by Mr Porrett and he is now terrified hundreds of fans of the Big Brother star will descend on his home to “view” it.

Our source said: “The last thing he wants now is for people to arrange viewings of his home just to see where Jade lived. He wants people to know that it is not Jade’s house that’s up for sale but his.”

You can see Jade’s house from here.

The four-bedroom home, almost identical to Jade’s house, is on the market for £949,000 and has a huge garden with breathtaking views.

And a ghostly lodger…

Update – this is fantastic!

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