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Susan Boyle Duets With The Older Madonna

by | 21st, April 2009

susan-boyle-leather-jacketSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which Susan Boyle shows off her leather jacket, is younger than Madonna and Wayne Rooney impression…

Theatre Of I Dreamed A Dream

INTERNET sensation Susan Boyle has received the ultimate honour – her very own tribute from Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney!

It does not get bigger than that.

The England forward paid homage to the star of Britain’s Got Talent by parodying her version of the Les Miserables song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ on Setanta Sports’ Special 1 TV programme.

And now 23-year-old Roo has joined her growing army of followers – The Sun

Carry On Boyle

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT’S latest superstar Susan Boyle could about to join the Hollywood ‘A’ List – after being offered her first MOVIE role.

That film?

Virgin Susan – who shot fame after just a single appearance on the TV talent show – has impressed Hollywood bosses so much she is being lined up to appear in the black comedy Counterswirl…

Virgin? Says who – not Susan Boyle..?

Producer Anna Wilding is excited about possibly working with Susan, even though this will be the Scot’s first ever experience of appearing on film.

She said: “I would very much be honoured if she would consider the role of Magda in our black comedy feature film set in Scotland, Ireland, Argentina and Australia called Counterswirl…

“I was initially going to ask the Aussie comedian Magda Sabanski – however Susan is perfect for the part.

How so?

“In fact, one of the other characters in the film even lives alone with a cat in Scotland, but I want the larger role of Magda to go to Susan” Deadline Scotland

And sings in a talent show and becomes a worldwide hit? That character?

The Boyle I Knew

Christopher Biggins has begged Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Susan Boyle not to change her appearance.

The star is a big fan of the Scottish singing sensation – who wowed the judges and the public with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream – and urged: “Please, please don’t change the way you look!” – Chris Biggins

Scots  not -ish

Well, to begin with, Susan is Scottish. (Please don’t say she ‘scotch’. Scotch is a drink. Those lucky enough to have the same heritage as Susan are Scottish.) – Ana Kinkaid, Examiner

Susan Bouyle is Scots, or a Scot.

Boyle RIP

Boyle used her own outwardly appearance to defy expectation, and proudly announced that she would never change for nobody. This is all well and good for Susan Boyle, but bad news for me, who from the get go couldn’t buy into her story. She was great the first time I saw it. By the time my Great-Grandmother emailed it to me from the grave, I was over it – Michelle Collins, BWE

Boyle La Vadge

Consider for instance that Susan is 47-years-old, a full three years younger than Madonna and the exact same age as George Clooney and you get a sense of how topsy turvy is the world in which we live; where we mock a female who ages as nature intended and obsess over celebrity plutocrats who deny decrepitude – Sam de Brito, SMH

I Dream of Boyle

Susan’s living everyone’s dream – A STUDY of the people who have viewed Susan Boyle’s feel-good moment of triumph 100 million times would no doubt reveal the vast majority are middle aged – Kathy McCabe, Telegraph (Aus)

Susan Boyle – she’s all things to all people…

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