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How New Labour Hates Women

by | 22nd, April 2009

nadine-dorriesNADINE Dorries, Tory MP and subject of New Labour sexual fantasies, is writing for Grazia about her dreadful ordeal in being near the centre of a plot to smear the Tories.

Nadine Dorries has a Mid Beds constituency and a “massive majority”.

“Want to discredit a woman in politics?” asks Grazia. Well, not really. But we know someone who might. (Derek, you still there?)

How to do it: “Just claim she’s mad or having an affair.”

Cripes! Had only the Liberals thought of that in the days of Maggie Thatcher instead of debating her policies. But that’s shirt-lifters for you.

Of course being crazy or a love rat might also discredit a male MP.

But Dorries says the smears say “so much about the way women in politics are still regarded”.

The claims made against her (an affair with a married male MP) and George Osborne’s wife Frances (nutter) are “medieval in their misogyny”.

Dorries gives her trauma some perspective by saying that she doesn’t dress in “boxy outdated suits” but still has to work harder then men – men like Damian McBride in his off-the-peg Burton’s ensemble of Comfi-Slax and nylon-blend single-breasted three-button jacket.

Soooo 1980s.

On the next page Grazia readers can enjoy: “WOW! Cindy’s Bikini Timewarp.”

Cindy Crawford. We’re listening… The floor is yours.

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