Anorak News | Gordon Brown Sends Sarah To Arrest Sharon Osbourne

Gordon Brown Sends Sarah To Arrest Sharon Osbourne

by | 23rd, April 2009

sarah-brown-sharon-osbourne2AS Alistair Darling places UK Plc under a tarpaulin cover – closed until further notice – the Daily Mail spots Sarah Brown on a debt-collecting mission to LA.

“Tax the rich!” says the clarion call. And if those rich Britons and ex-pats won’t come to Blighty, Sarah Brown will go and fetch them.

Keep the receipt from your Ivy dinner, Sarah, and show it to the tax man as proof of how the public sector is catching up on the private sector in the spirit of equality and redistribution.

Ivy dinners for one and all!

Hurrah for Sarah Brown!

God Speed!

Says Gordon Brown: If it’s good enough for Somalia, it’s good enough for us. Arrrrrrghhhh!

Sarah Brown Is Fashionably Latte

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