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Susan Boyle’s New Hair And Face Makeover: Pictures

by | 24th, April 2009

susan-boyle-hatSUSAN Boyle’s new look is a composite blend of auburn hair, six-inch heels, eyebrows arched like a lap-dancers buttocks, a bikini body and a wry smile.

Boyle is the Sun’s “brunette with talent”. She is the Mirror’s “haircut angel”.

To the Miss Toner salon in Whitburn, near Blackburn, West Lothian:

Crimper Caroline Boyle, 45 — no relation — is thought to have carried out the transformation. She dyed and then cut Susan’s hair before setting to work with straightening irons.

Susan, who has also had a FACIAL, left the shop at 3.30pm and raced to her sister Pamela’s silver Astra before driving off.

susan-boyle-makeoverHacks peer in:

An onlooker said: “Susan looked totally rejuvenated. She had her hair dyed and set in rollers to make the waves much smoother. It makes a huge difference. It knocks years off her.” Daily Record.

The Star zooms in:

Her complexion also looked a lot smoother suggesting she may even have had Botox jabs.

Or maybe she just removed part of the mask and the wig that tuned Armani Dolce into ‘Susan Boyle’, the character created to teach us all a moral, theological and political lesson? Kate Moss knows. (Pictures of Armani here.)

Over in America, the beautiful people are reaching just above their noses and rubbing their lifted chins:

Susan Boyle is an example of an English phenomenon that will never happen in America. Why? Because American Idol, television’s most popular show, has an age limit. A woman who is 47 years old would never be allowed to get through the first round – USA Today

susan-boyle-new-hairThat would be Scottish Susan Boyle, star of Britain’s Got Talent, the UK equivalent of America’s Got Talent? But no matter – just Press F9 and download your Susan Boyle article.

Consider how diminished Boyle’s fame would be if she possessed traditional beauty and came from a glamorous background. We are so used to seeing shallow beauty that Boyle, had she possessed it, would’ve passed unnoticed no matter the caliber of her talent – Linnie Leavines, Daily Reveille

And in her penthouse flat in central London, Armani Dolce smiles.

By the time you read this, the Susan Boyle phenomenon may have begun to peter out, well on its way toward joining the fuzzily remembered ranks of such other embarrassing episodes in our nation’s history as the Macarena, streaking, the “Wazzzzup!” craze and the George W. Bush presidency – Mercury News

Or not…

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