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Britain’s Got Talent: Hollie Steel’s Web Bullying Hell

by | 27th, April 2009

hollie-steel4MORE news on Hollie Steel, the music box Thumbelina who will lance the Susan Boyle and show stage schools that their entry policy is flawed:

TINY Britain’s Got Talent star Hollie Steel yesterday bravely defied cyber bullies who launched cruel attacks on her.

Brave is tabloid shorthand for doomed, so Hollie and her parents may yet find reasons to temper this delight that brave Hollie is in the Sun.

The ten-year-old singer and dancer was shocked by scathing insults from internet cowards. But Hollie — now 5-1 joint second favourite to win the ITV1 show — brushed the taunts aside as the ravings of fools jealous of her talents.

What about those comments, then, from the webs trolls who dare do anything but cheer Our Hollie? Well on YouTube, viewers have called her “ugly” and “fake”. Name calling is appalling and the Sun is right to shine a light on these “geeks”.

Note: If the seven–year-old quadriplegic who called Hollie fake would like to read aloud a poem about her views on God, African babies and teddies we’ll see that Simon Cowell gives her the chance to read it on stage.

Anyhow, here’s Hollie, who can sing, dance and talk for herself, sort of:

“They say I only started singing because Simon Cowell was going to buzz me and that I’m fake… If I win, I will have a big party with all my family here with lots of balloons everywhere. And I would buy a beautiful dress and then go to Disneyland.”

So vote Hollie or else she misses out on a holiday, and Mickey Mouse misses a chance to meet her.

Says mum, Nina, whose job at the NHS is cited every time her name is mentioned to elicit feelings of pity/ love/ hatred/ fear:

“We don’t have any money for swish holidays at the moment so it would be lovely to go somewhere warm. We’ve only been camping and caravanning before now. Hollie doesn’t even have a passport.”

No passport in the days of budget travels marks out Hollie as one of the deprived.

Nina told how she vowed to help her talented child realise her dreams after Hollie was hit by a life-threatening bout of pneumonia aged four. The mum recalled: “It was an awful time. At one stage we did think she was going to die. We were hoping and praying so hard.”

So it’s the brain-damaged virgin with the voice of an angel (and the body of a Hell’s Angel) against the oxygen-starved singing ballerina sent by the angels?

Who wins?

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