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Susan Boyle’s First TV Appearance In 1995

by | 27th, April 2009

susan-boyle-my-kind-of-peopleSUSAN Boyle Watch: in which Susan Boyle sings on TV show My Kind of People in 1995 and gets kissed by host Michael Barrymore…

The Susan Boyle media narrative can be downloaded here. The media’s campaign to know Susan Boyle better than she knows herself is being undone.

Now Shy Susan – Simple Susie – the never-been-kissed Hairy Angel virgin who only has a cat for company and sings to comply with her mum’s dying wish is spotted giving it full throat on My Kind Of People, the ITV talent show fronted by Michael Barrymore. It was 1995.

Boyle, the Edinburgh Acting School graduate, tells us:

“I did My Kind of People for fun. I also sang locally but things had quietened down.”

But then came “Ugly Woman Can Sing” shocker and Susan Boyle became a moral and theological lesson to the world.

Susan Boyle

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