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Pictures Of People Dying In Attempted Murder Of Dutch Queen

by | 30th, April 2009

dutch-queenDEATH as entertainment: update. With Jade Goody’s media death a hit, the Daily Mail wonders if it is death or the celebrity that makes the big story? And gives readers pictures of people being killed in a murderous attempt on the Dutch Queen:

Four cheering spectators killed after speeding driver makes an assassination attempt on the Dutch queen

Says the Daily Mail, which features pictures of people being run over and what might be dead bodies:

A speeding driver who killed four people and injured 14 has admitted targeting the Dutch Queen Beatrix as she passed by in an open-topped bus.

The man drove a black Suzuki through well-wishers towards the royal bus before crashing, unconscious, into a monument in the town of Apeldoorn.

Come see pictures of people being run over and killed.

And this from the Daily Mail which brought us:

* Channel 4 bosses defy Princes’ pleas over Diana crash photos

Its outraged readers responding:

Simply put, boycott the station and write letters/emails to any sponsors that support them. What people don’t realize is they absolutely have the power to “fire” networks, executives, programmes. It’s all about money. Simply don’t support them.

Over in the Sun, readers get:

* Royal Crash Horor

Might that be the same Sun that in light of Chi magazine’s move to publish Princess Diana death crash pictures, opined:

* “Lowest of the Low”

The Daily Express has a picture of a flattened body. And, like its peers, it too commented on those images of Diana:

The Daily Express called the image “grotesque” and swore not to reprint it.

So is it now fine to show pictures of people dying in a car crash? Does anything go in the hunt for web traffic? Or is it ok if the victims are foreign?

The video hereunder shows no people being hit:

Pictured: Newspaper Readers Dying

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