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Britain’s Got Talent: Jamie Pugh Attacked

by | 6th, May 2009

jamie-pughJAMIE Pugh is the latest wannabe of average talent to wow the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, the show that shocks and amazes people as no show has shocked and amazed people. Ever!

Other than the shocking and amazing news, which features clips from Britain’s Got Talent among clips of bodies in pieces and the weather to tell the story.

We’ve had the good and the ugly (Susan Boyle), so now we get the bad (Jamie Pugh).

Today Jamie Pugh is being patronised, sorry,  “EXPOSED” by the Daily Mail, which thunders:

Exposed: Britain’s Got Talent star Jamie Pugh has already performed in the West End

Before bringing Pugh down, the Mail must first build him up:

He is the stunningly talented pizza delivery man set to rival Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle, despite crippling stage fright and the urge to run off stage.

Stunningly talented? No, he is not. Jamie Pugh is not Andrea Bocelli. But for fear of making their contestants look average, the end-of-the-pier press release states that Pugh could be the next Paul Potts, that watered down Pavarotti (dead), or the new Susan Boyle. Or the best singing pizza boy since Dean Martin.

When the stars make you drool…

Jamie Pugh:

But the contestant Jamie Pugh has been exposed as a liar last night, after it emerged he had already performed in the West End. The Welsh singer told 12 million viewers on Saturday that he had never appeared in front of a live audience.


‘Scusami, but you see
Back in old Blighty, that’s amore

Did Jamie Pugh say that?

Jamie appeared with a group of singers at Star EFX Sunday Night Live, a weekly showcase for new talent at Her Majesty’s Theatre, in London, according to The Sun. He donned a tuxedo and sang a medley of Rod Stewart hits under the name Great American Songbook. The ‘nervous’ deliveryman even sang a solo of Louis Armstrong’s classic, What a Wonderful World.

But did Pugh say he had never sung before a live audience?

Simon Cowell: “Out of interest, have you ever done anything like this, where you’ve sung with an audience like this?”

Jamie Pugh: “No.”

He never said he had not sung solo before an audience in a theatre.

A member of the audience told the newspaper that Pugh showed few signs of nerves. “I remember his performance going down really well – and he didn’t look like he was suffering from stage fright then.”

As Jamie Pugh tells the Sun:

“I have previously performed as part of a group but I never sang alone. It didn’t go that well.”

So not a liar. Just another media story…

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