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Gordon Brown’s Cheap Plumber Leaks On RBS

by | 8th, May 2009

gordon-brown-expensesGORDON Brown’s expenses, and those of 13 members of his cabinet, are the subject of much news chatter. Did you know that Brown claimed £6,577 in bills for a cleaner, which he shared with his brother, between January and March 2006?

Did you know that he signed off a war in Iraq that cost…? Did you know that he raided your pensions, a move that cost..? Did you know that he raised taxes at a cost to you of..? Did you know that Gordon Brown’s cleaner earns over 18k a year?

Did you know that RBS has posted £857m loses for the first 3 months of this year? We now own, through the Treasury, 70 per cent of the bank.

The Telegraph has the scoop, which is billed as – ho-ho – a leak.

Brown also claimed for a £150 plumbing bill twice. This was paid back when it was discovered and Downing Street says it was an inadvertent “clerical error”.

Yeah, 150 quid! Indeed, if everyone in the country claimed an extra £150 for a half hour’s plumbing work, we’d be in huge debt. Huge.

And get a load of Jack Straw who overclaimed on council tax by £1,500 over a five year period.

The claim is that Mr Straw was given a 50% discount on council tax for his second home, but claimed the full amount.

Mr Straw says he “corrected” the situation when he realised the mistake.

If every one of us claimed £300 each every year this country would be in the mire. This is big news. Huge!

Jon Craig, Sky’s Chief Political Correspondent, says:

“This does not look good, it looks very embarassing.”

(And, yes. That is the way “embarassing” is spelt on the Sky News website.)

“Most people who have to pay their own household bills will be horrified.”

Or envious. Or marvel at how small the bills are. Or wonder who much the Telegraph paid a leaker for a story that show how, er, corruptible the system is…

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