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Susan Boyle On Oprah Winfrey: Video

by | 11th, May 2009

boyle-oprahSUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle appears on Oprah Winfrey, with subtitles…

How do you follow the McCanns? With the fat lady, aka Susan Boyle, the woman billed as the theological and moral cure to a poisoned humanity.

Susan Boyle addressed Oprah not in Aramaic but in English, albeit with a Scots accent equippe with subtitles.



“Welcome to my home. I have been born and raised here for the past 48 years. I was the youngest of nine, so it used to be quite hectic. My mother used to sing to us a lot, especially when she was working, so it’s a sort of habit I picked up from her. At school I was encouraged to be in choirs. I was kind of a slow learner in school, so something like singing was a good way of hiding behind that and boosting my confidence.

“‘I sang at karaoke, which most people do for fun. I did sing at one or two occasions within the family.

“Mum died two years ago. After that there was a wee period where I didn’t sing. You try and keep going through that pain.

“And that’s what I try to do with that singing. I was very slowly getting over it.

“One of the reasons I applied for the TV show was to try to see if I could perform in front of an audience.

“Oh no. I am not lonely. Everyone has been so nice. I’ve got millions of new friends now.”


“It all takes a bit of time to take in. Things have happened so quickly. It’s pretty awesome. ‘Every quick change is always very hard to come by at first. But I’m really enjoying it, really enjoying every second of it. It’s like a dream come true.”

Chances on BGT?

“I have every chance, but at the same time there are a lot of other talent in the competition, so I’m willing to take my place with them. There’s a lot of other talent on the show.”

Susan Boyle Camel Toe

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