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Tourism Minister Follett Says Britain Is Too Dangerous For Visitors

by | 12th, May 2009

barbara-follett-and-stalkerBARABARA Follet is worried. The Minister for Tourism is worried that Britons will not holiday in this fair isle because it is so very dangerous and full of nutters. Says she:

“Thank you to all of you who work in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales’s tourism industry for making our product so good. We’ve become famous for our food, our service and the quality of our heritage, landscapes and our whole cultural offer. Whilst the industry faces some challenges there are lots of opportunities.

“Our currency won’t always be soft, our VAT won’t always be this low, so let’s use it to attract people and keep them coming back. Tourism is a vital industry to our economy.”

It’s a terrific place to be. But watch out for the local lunatics who are trying to break into your bedroom and kill you, or worse:

Tourism minister Barbara Follett claimed more than £25,000 for security patrols outside her London home because she did not feel safe there… The Telegraph says Mrs Follett demanded extra protection at her ‘second home’, a four-storey property in Soho, because she had been mugged and followed by a stalker.

Avoid the UK, says tourism Minister. UK avoided. Job done…

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