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Gordon Brown Declares War On Pluto

by | 12th, May 2009

hazel-blearsGORDON Brown is the man who wants it all to end but does not know how to stop it.

Watching Brown twitch and gurn is now a national spectator sport. It’s hideous, of course. Brown cannot be held accountable for every ill; it’s not his fault the breaks feailed on his nanny’s Baby Bentley and killed Old Mr Anorak’s Labrador puppy.

Still, on a brighter note, one day the Earth will die and no-one will remember Gordon Brown, joined-up Government and an integrated transport policy.

“In the year 4,000 A.D., when Pluto is hollowed out and millions of people are living inside, the name of Venetia Burney may be the only thing that Great Britain is remembered for.”

Well, not the only thing – the Giant Vermin, the constellation in the form of Hazel Blears will linger for millions of years before fading with a cackle of fireworks…

Spotter: Tim Blair

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