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Mao Zedong In MPs Expenses Scandal

by | 14th, May 2009

mao-zedong-headWHILE Westminster deals with Swine Fever, over in China politicians are claiming 300 million Renminbi (people’s money!) in a statue of Mao Zedong’s head.

In Hunan, Zedong’s head is modelled on the man as he stood in 1925. It stands at 32m, with a base height of 15m and the head height of 17m. It’s a precise scale model of the famously top-heavy Chinese leader.

Of course, because all men are equal, the head is a prototype for millions of heads, one each for every Chinese person. Although with material needed for the great drive forward, everyone else will exist as a single cell fashioned from a human hair…

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