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Canada Laughs At Obama’s Assassination

by | 26th, May 2009

obama_crosshairsTO Canada where the Barack Obama Death Cult has penned a skit on Canada’s public broadcaster.

The New Year’s Eve “Bye Bye” comedy program — shown by the French-language Radio Canada network — generated more than 200 complaints. In one segment, two hosts discussed Obama’s election in November 2008. Obama, who took office in January, is the first black U.S. president.

A packing heated debate?

“We’re not racists. It will be good to have a Negro in the White House. It will be practical. Black on white, it will be easier to shoot him,” one of the show’s hosts remarked.

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council said it found “nothing redeeming in the allegedly comedic notion that an American president should be shot, still less that this would be easier to achieve because of the color of the president’s skin. It was a disturbing, wounding, abusive racial comment”.

The show also featured an interview with an actor pretending to be Obama. The host said, “The blacks, you all look alike,” and then warned viewers to hide their purses.

Well, Obama does need money for that stimulus package and bail out…

The producers of the show denied the skits had been racist, saying they had meant to mock the characters making the offensive remarks.

Which might just the be funniest thing they said…

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