Anorak News | Tory MP John Greenway Claims For Mulled Wine And Pot Plants

Tory MP John Greenway Claims For Mulled Wine And Pot Plants

by | 27th, May 2009

alan-garden-money-tree1NEWS of Tory MP John Greenway who, the Telegraph reports, claimed £500 for plants and £1,900 for redecorating his second home.

And that’s the second home he sold for a £280,000 profit, alleges the paper.

But it’s the little things that really stand out, and we learn that John Greenway claimed 59p for a box of matches, two boxes of firelighters worth 99p each, four bags of compost, a trellis and plant food for the London property.

Shortly before Christmas 2004 he billed the taxpayer for eight mulled wine sachets.

Says he:

“All the claims which I have made over my 22 years in Parliament have been made in good faith and were approved by the fees office without query.

“The pattern of expenditure on my London home over a number of years has reflected precisely the expenditure and living costs that I pay for myself at my main home in North Yorkshire.”

What is it about Tories and their gardens?

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