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Detroit Democrats Catch Swine Fever

by | 30th, May 2009

joann_watsonSWINE Fever – MPs expenses – is being exported from the UK to Detroit, buccolic city of green wonders. I Hate The Media has this news on JoAnn Watson’s amazingly low property tax bill:

The Detroit Free Press reports that a member of the city council pays just $68 in annual property taxes on her Tudor style home, although neighbors in comparable homes pay $2000-6000.

Mock tudor. Another gift from us to you:

As you might expect, JoAnn Watson’s a Democrat, but that fact is conveniently omitted from the Detroit Free Press article.

The story gets even more laughable when JoAnn Watson attempts to explain why her taxes are so low.

“I’ve been a target of a smear campaign,” Watson insisted. “… I pay my bills and whatever I was billed, I paid.”

“I pay the taxes. All I know is I had a big drop when my house got hit hard by a tornado. We had great damage.”

Watson claims her home suffered roof and foundation damage, but the Free Press notes that she never filed an insurance claim.

Or built a moat…

The Average House In Green City Detroit Costs $7,500

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